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Serial Hangman: The Hitch Hiker

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: Tessa
Run Time: 35:00
File Size: 1280x720 HD WMV

Tessa gets a "Dear Jill" letter from her B/F who is away at college. Seems he's found someone else and he won't be seeing her any more. Her devastation doesn't last long. She decides to dress up, hitch hike to town to a singles spot, and find herself a new guy.

Her mistake is accepting a ride from Ned, the serial strangler actively working the community with 4 kills to his credit. He drives her to a remote location, chloroforms her and carries her to his lair. He calls his patron, Mr. B who gives Ned instructions on hanging her. The next morning, Ned chloroforms her again, strips her naked, and carries her to the Gibbet in the forest. There he puts the nude Tessa on a stool, puts the noose on her, and soon she's dancing on the rope. After she's still, Ned cuts her down. He has to pull on the rope a little as she's still twitching after she hits the ground. When she's finally dead, he carries the beautiful, naked Tessa out into the forest and leaves her body. The next day she's in the morgue, being examined by Dr. Porter.


Serial Hangman: The Hitch HikerSerial Hangman: The Hitch Hiker
Serial Hangman: The Hitch HikerSerial Hangman: The Hitch Hiker

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