Rainforest Studios

Expendable Escorts

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: RyAnne Rhodes, Ada Johnson, Candle Boxx
Ruben Lewis, Dick Danger
Run Time: 38 min

Hank's Escorts takes the oldest profession to the next level. For the right price, guys get to do anything they want... anything. Two unfortunate "entertainers" discover, too late, that this will be their last gig. As the girls dance seductively, the boys gleefully grab their guns and shoot down the startled strumpets. As the wounded escorts drag themselves across the floor, the guys follow, pumping them with lead. After draping the girls' dying bodies across the sofa and table and enjoying them for a bit, the cooling corpses are carried into the shower and placed under a strong stream of water to wash away the worst of the blood. Meanwhile, a previously ordered redhead arrives, unaware of the fate which befell her co-workers. She, too, meets the same grisly end. Three bodies are propped under the showerhead to await the arrival of Hank's disposal unit. This one is a must for the shooting fans! Alternate death scenes and outtakes follow the credits.


Expendable EscortsExpendable Escorts
Expendable EscortsExpendable Escorts

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