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Hunting Joggers: Season II

Producer: Roadkill Studio
Cast: Ryanne Redd, Tomiko, Rod Rimmer, Hank Samuels
Run Time: 27:16
File Size: WMV HD 1280xX720

Jogging can be hazardous for your health, especially if you gog alone and off designated trails. These two gals learned the hard way. The first girl is taken by a bolt from a crossbow. As she lies draped across a log, barely clinging to life, the hunter guts her alive. Soon she's on the grill being prepared for a barbecue of two legged doe.

Then, Tomiko arrogantly disregards a hunters suggestion that she migh wanto to jog elsewhere. The hunter clubs her with the butt of his rifle and then strips and hoists here from a tree branch. As she comes too, he slits her throat. After some thrashing, twitching and spasms, the beautiful Tomiko is ready for gutting and roasting on the "Girlie Grill".


Hunting Joggers: Season IIHunting Joggers: Season II
Hunting Joggers: Season IIHunting Joggers: Season II

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