Rainforest Studios

The Canizon Collection

starring: Juliette, Maria, Tricia & Rita
length: 48 minutes

The Canizon warrior captures a rival forest cutie and leads her to a staging area, where the victim is hoisted into the air for meal prep. Her throat is cut and she is left to dangle by one foot and twitch as she bleeds out. The victim is then skewered on a spit and roasted to culinary perfection. Canibal fans and "pole-through-the-girl" freaks will flip for this one!

An unlucky amazon wanders into canizon territory when she takes a shortcut to her village. She meets up with a hungry canizon who knocks her out after a ferocious sword fight. The defeated amazon is gutted alive and hung upside down to bleed out. The amazon is then impaled on a spit and slow-roasted over the canizon's dinner fire.

It's no wonder the Canizon tribe is nearly extinct. Those girls just don't have much luck. After a confrontation with a vengeful bow hunter, the curvy Canizon warrior takes one in the back. He taunts the Canizon as she dies a slow and bloody death, then carries her back to his camp where he strips and guts her. When she has "cured" properly, she is spitted and roasted over an open flame.


The Canizon CollectionThe Canizon Collection
The Canizon CollectionThe Canizon Collection

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