Rainforest Studios

Die Laughing

Starring: Lydia Banks
Time: 21:14
Producer: RumSpringa Films

Our perp has just been released from the Hospital (For The Criminally Insane) and has landed a Work/Release job with a parcel delivery company. Things are just fine until he asks one of the customers to go out on a date. She laughs at him and he snaps. He chokes her unconscious and moves her limp body to the couch. He strips her and admires the young naked body. But, when she wakes up, his murderous reflexes take over and he violently strangles her to death. A nice session of body posing follows. This is one of the hottest asphyx performances by a model that we've seen in nearly 10 years of producing this material and looking at lots more of it. The content on the DVD is just too hot to publish in the download area, though the download is by no means tame. If you've ever considered a combo (Download + DVD), this is the time to make that choice. You will not be disappointed.


Die LaughingDie Laughing
Die LaughingDie Laughing

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