Rainforest Studios

Paper Dolls

Starring: Carmen Costillo and Lena Ramon
Time: 42 minutes

This one disk contains BOTH PARTS of the titillating Paper Dolls feature! A beautiful girl is chloroformed, stripped and tied to a chair by a masked intruder. Her friend discovers her, but is chloroformed into unconsciousness before she can help. She, too, is stripped and tied to a chair. The intruder awakens the friends and forces one to watch while the other is strangled to death. The remaining terrified girl is slowly killed, as well, and the bodies are then the playthings of the intruder. He takes his time untying each girl and manipulating their bodies for his pleasure. LOTS of body handling and posing in this one, as well as some nice asphyx!


Paper DollsPaper Dolls
Paper DollsPaper Dolls

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