Rainforest Studios

All Witches Must Hang

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: Brooke Thomsen
Run Time: 26:12
File Size: 1280x720 HD WMV

To the beautiful Brooke it's just another day...... until she steps out of the shower and looks at her mirror. "All Witches Must Hang" is written in lipstick. Did her BF play a sick joke on her. Finally she heads for bed and sleeps restlessly. Then she suddenly awakens from a horrible dream. She dials up her GF and while talking, feels something in the bed with her. A hangman's noose, cut off about 18" from the knot. As she holds the noose, a blinding flash and she is time warped back into 1684. She awakens in a cell, sleeping on a straw mattress. Soon, her captors enter; Brother Ezekial and Brother Jobe. The soon discover a tattoo behind her left ear, which to them is the sign of the devil and proof that she is a witch. She is kept in her cell overnight, then the Brothers return in the morning and her clothes are ripped off her body and her hands bound behind her back. She is led to the gibbet where her hooded executioner awaits. She is hanged until all her body twists slowly twists back and forth on the rope. Then she is cut down and carried to her burial site...


All Witches Must HangAll Witches Must Hang
All Witches Must HangAll Witches Must Hang

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