Rainforest Studios

Bloodthirsty Master

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: Solara Silque, Thad Quigley
Run Time: 31:10

At the end of a hard day on a business trip, Solara is ready for a shower and some sleep. She strips and walks into the shower. But, a hooded intruder enters and injects her with a sedative. After Solara collapses, the intruder carries her to the bed and dresses her in a sacred gown. Then he carries her to his truck, and then he carries her to his lair. It is time her body and soul are made into an offering to a bloodthirsty master.

She is secured to a table, spread eagled when the priest enters. He plunges the obsidian sacrificial knive in between her ribs, and pulls out her beating heart. Solara quivers, jerks ans spasms as she dies, while the priest is holding her beating heart up as a sacrifice. After her naked body stops its spasms, she is carried by the priest and placed on a sacred rock in the forest where she is left for the deity.


Bloodthirsty MasterBloodthirsty Master
Bloodthirsty MasterBloodthirsty Master

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